Star is her real name! 

Star’s mission is to inspire leaders to act and implement business-appropriate gratitude processes, behaviors, and skills into their leadership foundation. She has researched and written much on gratitude and is passionate about coaching and teaching. Her latest book is Leading with Gratitude 21st Century Solutions to Boost Engagement and Innovation. The current book she’s working on is Practical Gratitude: Overcoming Obstacles to Sustainable Gratitude

Star has worked with hundreds of leaders in all industries. Each leader is unique, and she helps them find practical solutions and build critical skills that deliver sustainable results. She’s an avid reader and book reviewer.

As a result of her work, people tend to share how masterful she is at helping people look deep within themselves to find and examine problems, find solutions, and take the steps needed to overcome challenges and make sustainable changes. Her approach helps leaders to build competence and, perhaps more importantly, confidence.

Star has been the CEO of Star Leadership for over twenty years; before that, she worked for over twenty years in the Hi-tech Corporate world, leading teams in technology and project management.  She taught project management at Boston University for over twenty years.  She’s finally balanced and enjoying life by focusing on and creating a foundation of gratitude. She is grateful to have started her career as a software engineer who was part of the speech technology product team used by Stephen Hawkins, Stevie Wonder, and other notables. She is over the moon that she gets to play one day a week with her two-year-old grandson and hang out with family and friends.